Central Florida Samoyed Fanciers Club gets the public involved with public Samoyed Education. They sponsor a yearly Samoyed Sled Pull in the local Christmas Parade. All events and contact information for this club is available at www.floridasamoyeds.org

      They go into Central Florida Classrooms with their dogs for an interactive approach to teaching children about the breed. 

     You can also find them at the Florida State Fair in Tampa yearly with an exhibit booth manned and dogged for another interactive learning experience. 

     See pictures of the latest at http://www.floridasamoyeds.org/activities/Fair2009.htm  

     Pictured here are several members with their faithful dogs. My Fuzzy is being shown the ropes of being a lead sled dog by one of the Board of Governors, LaWayne Wyatt.

He is one happy, fulfilled dog. Where else can you have that many females following your lead. It’s a dog’s world!http://www.floridasamoyeds.orghttp://www.floridasamoyeds.org/activities/Fair2009.htmshapeimage_2_link_0shapeimage_2_link_1

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© New Kingdom Designs  2009