Kingdom Samoyeds recommends for excellent boarding service. Daily supervised exercise of social dogs/bitches, neutered and intact dogs welcome, group play and public video cam of common area and private webcams in special suites - only $2 more a day -- it was worth it!

They will take bitches in heat and pregnant dams, just not nursing ones. The staff was excellent and cheerful. Superbly sanitized and clean, we watched them every day on both types of webcams. The private webcam was a must for me, helped me feel connected to my dogs, and gave me peace of mind they were being excellently cared for. They even helped keep me notified when to expect my dogs to be by the pool and public webcam.

Money well spent here! We went to the one in Sanford, FL but they are nationwide, and close to most airports for those who travel.

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Fuzzy checking up on Ruby via Webcam, while she is hidden away for  safe keeping at Pet Paradise

Resort for a few days of her heat cycle. We were swapping them out every few days for 10 days.